About Mark Elliot

I have a picture on the wall of my six-year-old self. I’m running carefree into the sea, oblivious to the awful red woollen swimming trunks that hang down to my knees when wet: a young boy full of life and dreams and expectations.

Here I am, just over half a century later, and inside I am still that boy, marvelling at the joy of life, and I’m still full of expectation. I am grateful every day for ALL of my life, and that is part of the secret. In many ways, I have had a lucky life, one that has revolved around my love of the sea and my family.

But it wasn’t always so. It started well enough, with a career at sea as a navigator, and continued with me building several successful businesses that made me wealthy at a relatively young age.

But then I made several life choices that sent me onto a path of self-destruction. I left my wife and beautiful children and went from someone at peace with life and who I was to someone who hated myself. The power of self-hate is incredible, and for ten years, I went about destroying everything I had built. I came close to taking hard drugs until, in the end, I was on my own with a huge debt.

But you know what? As I look back, that was truly the best thing that ever happened to me. In the last two years of my descent into the personal hell I created, I had opened the door to spirituality. Avidly like a sponge, I read books and scoured the internet, slowly learning and working out a routine for myself. With my new routine came a feeling of happiness and inner peace that I had never before experienced. I relished each day and took pleasure in the simple things in life. I rebuilt my relationships with my children and the rest of my family. From nothing, in just over five years, I built a business that not only allowed me to repay my £½ million debt but made me a multi-millionaire and set me on a path to use my newfound wealth to help others.

The tools I want to share with you are life-changing and life-affirming; they will help you move from wherever you are now in your life to what I describe for me, as heaven on earth.

It’s my mission to help as many people as I can reach, and the tools are all free and given with love and joy.