I feel very fortunate to be self-isolating in at my rural barn in France. Lieselle and I could not have picked a better place, or indeed, a better time of year to be here. Both of us embrace this time to be still, and in one place after a few hectic months of travel.

I am worried about my parents in England, but we chat every day, and they are happy, isolated at home by the sea, which gives me some comfort. My kids are also in a safe place which helps, as is Lieselle’s family.

We cannot reach them if we needed to, so dwelling on the “what ifs” is not constructive. So, we have decided to embrace this isolation, to see it for the positive experience it is, and to make use of this most precious gift of time.

We have been in the garden every day, getting through some long standing projects and we end each day with aching muscles but a feeling of great satisfaction and happiness in achieving each simple task. It’s wonderful to see the vegetables growing, to look at the new hedge, the fresh bedding plants, the new compost heap and the newly planted lawn.

We exercise, meditate and say thank you every morning as usual, before spending at least half a day on heavy physical, but deeply satisfying outside work. We spend a few hours on thinkmiracle and miscellaneous computer work needed to keep everyday life ticking along. We watch a film most evenings and hit the sack around 2100.

Twice a week we fast. You can read all the benefits of fasting (if you don’t already know them) on the thinkmiracle.org . Our fast consists of only water until 1600. Then we eat our one (fully vegetarian) meal of the day, zero alcohol. That gives us a 23-hour fasting period twice a week. We use the fasting days to spend more time meditating and working on general spiritual self-development on top of the usual morning exercise and meditation.

Why not use this gift of time to kickstart your spiritual practice and begin the process of changing your life?

If you would like to join us on our next fasting day on Thursday, then message me for details. In addition, I can provide you some information as to how you can listen to our mediations and join yoga practice. Like everything on thinkmiracle, it’s free and given with love.

~ Mark