I am sitting in a small wooden cabin (known as a bach) on the rugged western coastline of New Zealand. I find it hard to describe the majesty of the landscape we have seen in this amazing country—it’s all I expected and more.

Lieselle and I have decided to make Youtube videos showing our trip and the thinkmiracle way of life, but it’s been the source of many discussions. I dislike the “look at me” style of some social media which shows a skewed version of life.  But at the same time, I am very conscious of just how lucky we are.


It’s precisely the pain I went through and the steps I took with my life, and continue to take, every day that have put me here.

It’s not luck, although it is with God’s grace. It has involved applying the principals behind thinkmiracle together with hard work that has enabled me to live my dreams, and I do, I really do.

This trip is only the icing on the cake of a life that often makes me stop and pinch myself. I chat to the trees, to God, every day as a cycle in France to give thanks for all I have. It’s not all smooth sailing though. I have days when I feel less than happy, fed up or just generally grumpy with the world. The secret for me is good habits, reminding myself of all I have, of turning up to meditate, eating well, exercising and correcting negative thoughts.

We will show all this in the videos and try to make them real… not a fake life of everyday sunshine, but a real life of ups and downs…a life of dreams fulfilled, and experiences to make any heart sing.

It’s not without some trepidation that Lieselle and I will open our lives up to the world. Some will judge, most will ignore, but if by so doing so, by showing the “thinkmiracle life” we can inspire others to to fulfil their dreams, then it has been worth it because this is not about us and our dreams, it is about you and yours.

With Love