Here, I’d like to explore the link between meditation and spirituality.

I often talk about the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of meditation, my journey of spirituality, and what regular meditation can help you achieve, particularly for your wellbeing. But, within this article, I’d like to explore the link between meditation and spirituality. 

Meditation and spirituality

Spirituality is focused on thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – the human spirit and soul – rather than material or physical “things.” Meditation is concerned with awareness, attention, and compassion, promoting calm, stillness, forgiveness, and awareness of your thoughts and emotions. 

In these respects, meditation and spirituality complement each other considerably, as meditation provides you with the time and space to focus inward on your thoughts and feelings and your wellbeing and spirituality. It helps you connect with your true self and others on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

Meditation can aid your journey through spirituality, and spirituality can help you in your meditation practice. 

The spiritual benefits of meditation

There are many specific spiritual benefits of meditation, as meditation helps you discover who you are, removed from the preconceived perceptions of yourself and your relationships with others and/or the world around you. 

Spiritual benefits of meditation include: 

Enhanced feelings of purpose: meditating regularly will help you clear your mind of clutter, stress, anxiety, and any other thoughts or emotions that may be holding you back; allowing you to think more clearly and envisage your life goals; what you wish to achieve and your life’s purpose. 

Discovery or rediscovery of your passions: If you’re experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to find the time and emotional space to indulge in your passions and hobbies. Meditating regularly allows you to calm your thoughts, making space for you to discover or rediscover your passions and what makes you truly happy.

Finding inner peace: investing time and energy in yourself and your wellbeing regularly, and discovering more about yourself and your thoughts & emotions, will help you find inner peace, which will lead to deeper feelings of love and forgiveness for those around you; enabling personal development and the release of any difficult or challenging feelings you may be experiencing such as grief, guilt, loss, stress, anxiety or even bitterness and resentment. 

Being present in the moment: within and alongside meditation and spirituality is the practice of mindfulness; being present and focused on the moment, rather than allowing yourself to become distracted, whether by your thoughts, the people around you, or even the media or technology. 

Spiritual meditation

While there are many different types of meditation, spiritual meditation is the mindful practice of connecting to something greater and deeper than the individual. The key to that is held within honest self-reflection. 

Although often associated with religion as with many forms of meditation, spiritual meditation isn’t guided or constrained by any one type of religion or belief – anyone can follow a guided spiritual meditation. 

My journey

I discovered spirituality at a low point in my life. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and struggling with debt. It was spirituality, mindfulness, and meditation that helped me transform my mindset and, ultimately, my life; finding my happiness and inner peace, paying off my debts, and building up a successful business – becoming the person I am today. 

Using my discoveries, I created the thinkmiracle program – a free 7-week online course sharing the tools and practices I learned and still use today – which I hope to share with as many people as I can reach to help you transform your life and achieve your life goals. 

Meditation runs through the thinkmiracle program; alongside gratitude practice, exercise & nutrition, manifestation and, when practiced regularly, can help you achieve almost anything. 

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