Much has been written about meditation, manifesting, the law of attraction and gratitude. Sometimes it’s written in a way to draw you into a specific product, and the information, in my view, is skewed.

However, there are some good sources of reference out there, Wayne Dyer and Don Miguel Ruiz are my favourites. If you distil the advice, as I did over some years and after much research, then the core message is much the same: You have the power to change your life.

It starts by making a choice to change, and consistently doing something about it. It takes work, it’s not necessarily difficult work, but it takes commitment. Often, like me, the desire to change is only reached after great pain, when our choices are limited, but boy do I wish I had changed earlier. You see the other side of change is a revelation. That’s why I started thinkmiracle so that I could hopefully give the distilled information to anyone who wanted it, in a way that made it accessible.

I remember when I first began reading about our thoughts becoming our reality. I was sceptical, it sounded a bit “out there,” but I recognised already that the words we speak have a bearing on our future and felt it was worth looking more into this idea of training my mind. It turns out that we absolutely shape our world, our happiness, and our dreams from our thoughts and the words that flow from them.

So how do you do it?

For me it starts with habits: saying thank you every morning before I get out of bed for all I am and all that is in my life—it’s proven that this gratitude practice triggers satisfaction and happiness.

Then I meditate, both to rest my mind and to set intentions for my life. And finally I speak to God and ask that he watch over and protect us all, that we may all act with grace and goodness and love, be kind and giving, and live long and prosper. Finally, I ask that we may all find happiness and inner peace. Truly if we all did this every morning there would be no more wars, or terrorism, we would live in harmony with each other and all of nature – such is the power of thought. 

It took me a little while to evolve to the words I use now. I began with a simple gratitude and a guided meditation. Now, it takes 24 mins each morning. Despite working in several countries, and in a high level job, I always found time…I simply woke earlier. Indeed I had a high level job, earning over six figures a year and I believe because of these practices. Most days when I was not in London I would find time every afternoon to walk on the beach and sit and meditate with the waves, the extra clarity and calm it gave my mind enabled me to get through an extraordinary quantity of work and enjoy my life because of a pervading sense of inner peace.

So what else did I do?

Initially, I set about working out where I was in my life, and using a dreamboard of visual images of where I wanted to be. I then broke this down into action points and a cashflow plan.

I began noticing my thoughts and words and used positive affirmations every time they strayed to the negative—I still do, that’s the point. I turn up every day for me, for my future.

I made sure that I spoke my truth, I was authentic to my heart, and I listened to my growing intuition.

I showed myself that I loved the body I was given by eating well and exercising every day, not to be a gym bunny, but simply to be fit.

I transformed my life from losing my business and my self respect, from being in a painful relationship, and being deeply in debt, to a place of happiness and inner peace, of fulfilment and not having to worry about money anymore.

I do other things as well now, but that’s for another time. These are the basics that helped me change my life, and if you wish, you can change yours to. My pain emanated from the shame of losing my business and a massive debt, yours may be very different. But, no matter what position you find yourself in, you can turn it around.  It will mean committing to you and turning up for you every day. You are worth it!

Go to, either pull the information from the website, or download the online course, it’s free to those that cannot afford to pay, for money should not be a barrier to happiness.