The thinkmiracle program

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Achieving your life’s goals, finding true happiness, relieving stress and anxiety, or forgiving someone who hurt you takes time. Still, it’s precious time well invested in your long term physical and emotional wellbeing.

My free online course, the thinkmiracle program, takes all I learned as I went through my own personal hell and distills it down into weekly lessons. Quite deliberately, the time needed each week has been kept to a minimum.

The thinkmiracle program is a seven-week course delivered to you once a week via email. It will require you to commit seriously to one thing: the willingness to change your life. This course is not about going through the motions; it will require your dedication and desire to implement lasting change in your life. If you do that, then at the end instead of despair, you will see possibilities. You will be able to turn your life around as I did, use your pain as a lesson, and recapture the excitement of living an inspired life.
The course explores these key elements, and together they will help you build a new foundation that moves you forward.


I talk you through taking the time to notice and be thankful for all the positives that surround you on a daily basis. Being grateful and fostering gratitude in your life has a proven link to happiness.


It’s often shrouded in mystery, but simply speaking, meditation is a technique that dispels the clutter from your mind and slowly quietens the thousands of thoughts firing away in your brain. Deeply relaxing, it provides your mind a much-needed breather. With regular practice, it will help you transform your life. I show you how.

Spiritual first aid

The more we are able to flow with the ups and downs in life, the more we will grow and learn from experience. Here you will find techniques to de-stress in difficult times, as well as inspiration to look at life through new eyes. Discover how to manage your emotions, and stay calm whenever life and/or events become overwhelming.


Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing with regular, gentle exercise; helping you relieve stress, boost your confidence, increase your energy levels, and find true happiness.


Once we begin to make the right food choices, we start to crave the things our bodies need to be healthier and happier. We will help you make changes with some inspirational advice, that will increase your overall energy levels, boost your immune system and improve your general health.

Tree of life

This is a powerful and life-changing exercise and forms the heart of our Retreat programs. I show you how to go through this exercise at home, and will metaphorically hold your hand and help you uncover the painful emotions that are still holding you back.


Creating a dream board is a powerful way to help visualise the life you want. It’s great fun and helps in the process of understanding what happiness looks like for you. We show you how to build your dreams.